Subject BorCon 2002
Author Jason Wharton
For those of you going to this event, I will most likely be attending BorCon
for the 6th year in a row. I hope to see a lot of IBO community members
there. I will be sure to get a Birds of a Feather Session for IBO and if
nobody else does so, I will do one for Firebird too, although it would be
great if someone more directly associated to Firebird would spearhead this.

All the best!

PS. I just got home last night from spending 5 days living in the hospital
with my daughter. She had an ear infection which moved into the mastoid
cavity. The mastoid is the skull bone right behind the ear lobes. This could
have been very serious if we hadn't taken proper measures but all appears to
be well now after her treatments. I'm a bit behind on answering emails and
such but I hope to get caught up ASAP. If you are waiting, feel free to send
any emails you are waiting on again.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ