Subject IBO in a dll & exceptions
Author petegajria
Im using IBO_queries in a dll along with forms.
Each dll has its own connection with the dbhandle = shared
& set to the main ibconnection in the host program

Now everything runs fine with the dll loaded.
however if say the user does an edit & theres a fk or uk violation
(foriegn key/unique key) then the error flows back through the
ibconnection on that dll

procedure TDataSetDM.IB_ConnectionError(Sender: TObject;
const ERRCODE: Integer; ErrorMessage, ErrorCodes: TStringList;
const SQLCODE: Integer; SQLMessage, SQL: TStringList;
var RaiseException: Boolean);
RaiseException := False;

Now notice RaiseException is set to false yet the exception
flows back out
so after a few times when the user tries to close the program
it generates an error.

both the dll & the host exe are statically compiled ie no runtime

if anyone has run into this & has a viable workaround please reply