Subject [IBO] DateTime and IBOQuery
Author Stephen Lee-Woolf
Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction here. I am using an
app written in Delphi 6 with IBO to access a FireBird 1.0 database and
am having trouble with datetime fields.

If I use an external SQL tool to insert data into a DateTime field using
the SQL statement:

insert into table1 (test1) values ('2002-04-23 23:15:21') - where
test1 is a DateTime field

there is no problem, the data is correctly inserted. BUT if I use the
same statement in an IBOQuery *albeit as a paramaterised query with the
datetime value read from a DBGrid connectd to a .CSV text file, I get an
error message:

'2002-04-23 23:15:21' is not a valid date and time

Can anyone tell me what is wrong here? the same code worked fine on the
original database (MYSQL) but is causing problems when I try and port it
to Firebird.

Steve Lee-Woolf
University of Salford
Manchester, U.K.