Subject Re: Error converting german dates
Author mmenaz
As far as I remember, the top part of IB_Constanst must NOT be localized, but someone insists in doing that...
You must have the top part as the standard one, until you reach the line with the comment:
{ These may be localized. }

Check in particular if you have these settings in the file:

DTEncode_DateDelimit = '/';
DTEncode_TimeDelimit = ':';
DTEncode_DateTimeDelimit = ' ';
DTEncode_DecodeFormat = '%.4u/%.2u/%.2u %.2u:%.2u:%.2u.%.3u0';
DTEncode_DateTimeFormat = 'YYYY"/"MM"/"DD" "HH":"NN":"SS".0000"';
DT_DateFormat = 'MM"/"dd"/"yyyy';
DT_TimeFormat = 'hh":"nn":"ss';

Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., "rsaegerde" <rsaeger.edv@t...> wrote:
> Hi,
> after update from IBO 4.2.Ga to 4.2.H I get errors converting date
> params in IB_Statement.IMP. The function EncodeStringToDateTime gets
> a wrong string as param.
> I use the german version of IB_Constants.pas, there are DT* defines
> changed for german date format.
> Has anybody solved this problem?
> Thanks in advance
> Richard