Subject RE: [IBO] Column Attributes and Field Properties not being kept (4.2.Gd)
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 03:22 PM 21-04-02 +0200, you wrote:
>I've already installed the newest sub-release version,
>but the problem still remains.

Agreed - not fixed. How did you manage to do that so fast? You must have
a much quicker Internet connection than I do. :-)

Also, notice that this release has been misnumbered - it should be 4.2H but
Jason has accidentally named it 4.2E.

For those who don't know, you can correct this yourself - before you build
it, go to these lines in IB_Constants.pas (near the top):
// Version information
IB_VERSION_BUILD = 'E'; <---- change this to 'H'

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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