Subject Column Attributes and Field Properties not being kept (4.2.Gd)
Author jbgilmartin
Just this morning I d/l the evalutation of IBObjects 4.2.Gd. Ive used
IBO in the past.
I have a simple query, I have an IB_Connection and an
IB_Transaction on the same form. Query is Select * from Tools; Tools
has two fields, TOOLID integer, TOOLNAME varchar(40).

In both IB_Query and IBOQuery after setting the SQL, I prepare the
query and try to set the various options in Column Attributes (in the
Edit Query property editor). I am specifically interested in Blank is
Null and setting Required to FALSE (overriding NOT NULL for TOOLID).

However, no option in either Column Attributes or Field Properties
stays set once I leave that column. E.G. I set Blank is null for
ToolID column, select ToolName, select the ToolID column and Blank is
Null is unchecked again. I have tried hitting apply after setting the
checkbox, and hitting OK after checking the checkbox, but no settings
stayed set. I have tried without preparing the query and hitting new.
I can add a column there, but the same occurance happens, and after
hitting ok, the new column attribute entry isn't saved.

I can set the various field properties via the IB_StringList type
properties. However, after setting them, there is no way to change
them via the Edit Query editor.

I don't know the format for entries in the ColumnAttributes, so I can
test them. When I evaluated IBO in the past, I just relied on the
Editor to set these values.

Any help?

-- Jim