Subject Believe it or not, IBO 3.7 will be released soon
Author Jason Wharton
In an effort to resolve the BCD field problem discussed quite a bit over the
past few weeks, I was able to get it fixed and I also started merging some
fixes from the IBO 4 code while I was at it. To make a long story short,
I've ended up hybridizing the 3.7 version for those who are bound to remain
with the 3.6 version of IBO so that it will take advantage of the much more
stable and robust IBO 4 core engine.

I was amazed when taking a close look between the sources. IBO 4 is a whole
bunch better than 3.6 was. Especially where the TDataset based stuff is
concerned. Anyway, if you are on 3.6 and want to jump to 3.7 in order to
take advantage of this merging (very, very little, if anything, in your app
will need to change) then send me a private email and we can discuss your

I guess you could say what I have done is given you a base of code to
upgrade your 3.x apps up to that will not impact your code any and that will
only provide a more solid engine to work with and many of the added benefits
of the IBO 4 engine.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ