Subject Re: [IBO] IBO Exception not caught??
Author G. Allen Casteran
OK This was real weird.

The problem is that I was trying the reference the exception as
EIBO_ISCError instead of EIB_ISCError that was actually raised in
TIB_StoredProc. Since my code had no reference to EIB_ISCError before I
made the fix, the debugger is not able to map it correctly and the
resulting E: Exception somehow linked the E to a TEdit from a form that was
linked to the form calling the method where the error occurred.

Looks like a bug in Delphi RTTI or debugger (more likely) that prevented me
from seeing the exception as is true type. If I could have seen E.ClassName
as EIB_ISCError this would have been fixed long ago. But since the debugger
did not report the E : Exception as its true class type it was rather