Subject Win 98 vs. Win 98 with virus scan vs. Win 2000
Author stanw1950
I set up a small project with a query, a grid, and a navigator bar
(native components - ib4.2gc). The query is 'select partnumber from
parttable'. Partnumber is the ordering item, the ordering link (with
no POS parameter), and the keylink. It is a unique index in the
table. There are over 34,000 part numbers. The database is on our
tcp/ip network. It is not a local database. When I run the project,
the query is opened and the first item in the grid is the first part
number. When I click on the last button I got the following results:

1. Win 98 with Norton antivirus running in the background (scanning
all file types) - 70 seconds
2. Win 98 with Norton antivirus running in the background (scanning
program files and docs only) - 13 seconds
3. Win 98 with Norton not running at all - 10 seconds
4. Win 2000 (no antivirus running) - 2 seconds

The reason I am posting this is because I was running with Norton
scanning all file types. If your users have an antivirus program
running and have performance issues you might look there. I guess Win
2000 is more optimized for networks then Win 98 is.