Subject Re: [IBO] IB_SQL: Problems executing script
Author Joe Martinez
> Use single quotes on the path string. IB 6 and Firebird are now
> extra-fussy about not confusing single and double-quotes. The unbreakable
> rule is now "single-quotes for strings, double-quotes for delimited
> identifiers".

Ok. I changed it to:

CONNECT 'c:\mypath\mydb.gdb' USER 'sysdba' PASSWORD 'masterkey';

It still doesn't work. The exact error that I get is "Invalid CREATE, CONNECT
or DROP DATABASE syntax."

> This sequence of events isn't "the normal" when running scripts but it
> doesn't necessarily mean the script didn't run. In these conditions as you
> describe, usually the cure-all is to go to the Transaction tab and simply
> roll back any transaction that is currently active (the Commit button will
> be live in that condition).

Ok. I found the source of the hanging problem. It was some incorrect syntax in
my script. I had a statement like the following:

update mytable set col1=col1a, set col2=col2a, set col3=col3a;

The problem was the extra "set" words in there. Once I removed them, it worked
fine. Still seems strange, though, that that would cause it to hang instead of
giving an error message.