Subject IB_SQL: Problems executing script
Author jmartine3
I'm trying to use IB_SQL to execute a script that I wrote. I
origionally wrote it to run with "Interbase Windows ISQL" that came
with IB 5.6. I'm now using FB 1.0 and IB_SQL.

A couple problems:

1) My connect command doesn't work:

CONNECT "c:\mypath\mydb.gdb" USER 'sysdba' PASSWORD 'masterkey';

This used to work under ISQL and IB 5.6. Using IB_SQL and FB 1.0, it
tells me that the syntax is incorrect. Does anyone know why?

2) To get past #1 for now, I removed the connect command. I connect
manually via the IB_SQL Connection tab, and click the "Execute
icon. I load the script (without the connect command) and hit
"Execute". The "IBO" hourglass cursor comes up for a while. Then,
goes away. I assume that that means that the script is done. I
on the check mark icon, and it gets grayed out. I try to close the
window, but I get an error messag that says, "Script is currently

Does anyone know what's wrong? Is the script done or not? If not,
how do I tell when it's done? Why did the "IBO" hourglass cursor
disappear if it's still running? If it's done, why can't I close the
window? I've been waiting a long time.