Subject Displaying/Editing a Memo in TIB_GRID
Author Campbell Fuller

I'm sure this is documented somewhere but I just can'tseem to find it.

I am converting an existing Paradox app to IB using IBO - for some strange
reason I've decided to jump straight into the native components :)

How do I get a memo field (text) to display in a TIB_Grid? The grid simply
displays the word - Description - and nothing else. I will also need to edit
memos in other parts of the app and this should be done inline, if possible.

I know some of you might start taking me task for using grids and inline
editing but the existing app works very well in this regard. In fact, there
are only 2 grids in which inline editing is allowed and both have Memo
fields. Basically its for capture of line items for either quotes or orders.

Any suggestions or pointers to where I can get the info?

Many Thanks