Subject Re: [IBO] When will you recompile the help file?
Author Jason Wharton
The computer I did that on is not in operation. The hard-disk won't spin up
any longer. I got all my data off of it, since if I banged the drive around
a little it would eventually spin, but there is a lot of setup to get the
help file to compile. I plan to get to it, it's just that things are still
hectic with my job and we have the #4 baby in the home... Wife needs more of
my help nowadays. (I'm hoping I can reduce or quit my day-job at some

Anyway, you asked... ;-)

PS. It doesn't help that I am quite ill over the past few days...

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] When will you recompile the help file?

> Hi Jason, why not recompile the help time more often? For instance, the
IB_Currency component is not included in the help, even if there are help
tags in its' code.
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi