Subject [IBO] Re: Framed Edit controls?
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Paul Gallagher" <paul@t...> wrote:
> I have seen the Cooper page before. Ironic though, that their samples are
> full of flat buttons and gratuitous color combinations.

That's sad, isn't it? They have to do so, if they want their app to seem "up to date" and "cool". I'm sure they try to do the best way they can, anyway :)

> I guess the point
> is, it make the app interesting, and keeps the users interest.

Sure, and consider that some (if not all) of the sample app of the site are for occasional users. But what about a colorful accounting program?
Colour are very effective if properly used, very attractive but unproductive if used in a "neon" (Brodway?) way.
But I'm not against color, I'm against "follow M$ path even if stupid/wrong". Once I could understand the different from logos and buttons just with one sight. Now I've to patiently pass the mouse upon all the form to see if something changes color so I recognize is a button (why call them "button" anymore?). So bad...