Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_TransactionState
Author Jason Wharton
> is it right, a transaction can be in status tsInactive and
> is physically NOT started?

It would be tsNone if it is not started.
tsInactive means there is a transaction handle present, there just hasn't
been any updates.

> I struggle with this behaviour, because in the IBO helfile i found the
> "tsInactive - Transaction has been started but no DML or DDL has been
executed causing it to become active."

Yes, that is perfectly descriptive.

> A physically transaction is only started when
TIB_Transaction.started=TRUE, right? Independent of
> the TIB_TransactionState?


> Next question:
> I have a TIB_Query, assigned a transaction and connection.
> The SQL is [select id, bez1 from tsmwar00 where artnr starting with
> In the IB_MonitorDialog i can see, that a statement is automatic generated
> SQL like following
> .....
> This only happens, when IB_Controls are assiggned to the Dataset?
> The above statement has is own internal transaction? And how to commit,
> physically end this transaction? It seems, the transaction ends automatic
> after a minute or so. Independet from TIB_TimeoutProps of my transaction?
> Should i be free of care for thie internal transactions? (Tuning OAT's)

If you are using a GUI then IBO will take care of these issues for you
automatically. I think the time you would have to be concerned is if you are
using your own explicit sessions. You just have to make sure the session is
doing the "passive task" processing. This is what all the transaction OAT
stuff is hooked into.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ