Subject TIB_TransactionState
Author Rolf Bredemeier
Hi list,

is it right, a transaction can be in status tsInactive and
is physically NOT started?

I struggle with this behaviour, because in the IBO helfile i found the line:
"tsInactive - Transaction has been started but no DML or DDL has been executed causing it to become active."

A physically transaction is only started when TIB_Transaction.started=TRUE, right? Independent of
the TIB_TransactionState?

Next question:

I have a TIB_Query, assigned a transaction and connection.
The SQL is [select id, bez1 from tsmwar00 where artnr starting with "107-"]
In the IB_MonitorDialog i can see, that a statement is automatic generated with
SQL like following


This only happens, when IB_Controls are assiggned to the Dataset?

The above statement has is own internal transaction? And how to commit,
physically end this transaction? It seems, the transaction ends automatic
after a minute or so. Independet from TIB_TimeoutProps of my transaction?
Should i be free of care for thie internal transactions? (Tuning OAT's)

Please, don't spend long time for answering my questions, just a few
keywords for searching the help or an url is enough, i think. And hope! ;-)

Best regards, Rolf