Subject RE: [IBO] Bug IBO+IP3000 when using OnRowChanged
Author Laurent GILBERT
I'm using D5, IBO4.2Gc and IP2000.
I've a similarly problem on editing data in IP DBGRID.
I can only modify the first row of a dataset and only on times.
If I modify an another row, updates are cancel on post or on cursor changes
(previous/next record). Sometimes, I saw mysterious cursor jumps.

I used Footer capabilities : When I disable it, grid editing works. If I
enable Footer but do nothing in "OnUpdateFooter" : It doesn't work. I saw
nothing bad in IP/IBO sources....

If I define a empty OnRowChanged : it doesn't work.

If I use the standard DBGrid : It works.

I think it's a compatibility problem between IBO DATASET and IP....



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At 12/04/2002 04:18 AM, you wrote:
>yes, I have the source of IP3000, and I've tried to find something
>special, but I can' t find anything.
>The curious thing is, that when the OnRowChanged event is firing,
>the database cursor is already on the new database row (and it's
>the old row which isn't saved).
>Any ideas are welcome

What are your transaction settings? Have you tried monitoring the dataset
events OnBeforePost, OnAfterPost, OnBeforeScroll and OnAfterScroll? Just
to see which one is actually being called.

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