Subject Setting Parameters on before open in TIBOQuery
Author equator9
Hi All,

Delphi 5 Ent, Interbase, IBO 4.2.b

I am finally getting to convert my BDE based application to use IBO.

I am having difficulty in this part of the conversion.....

I was using the (BDE) TQuery and setting a parameter in the Before
open event:

AQuery.Parabyname('value').asinteger := 123;

but using the TIBOQuery with the before open event, the value is not
used (no results returned), unless I set an explicit open too:

AQuery.Parabyname('value').asinteger := 123;

What event should I use to set the Parameter in the Query, without
adding another open?

The order of events seems to be different from the BDE - What is the
IBO order of events when you use the IBOQuery?

Many thanks for any help...