Subject Re: [IBO] Default value X Query Insert
Author emgfyah2002
Dear Norman

> This is good - I have now accomplished one useful thing today :o)
> I'm not having a good day at work - been on holiday and stacks of
stuff is
> piled up for me :o(.

You can be quite shure that today you had done several useful
things. You solve at least 2 problems ( the trigger X PK works
beautifully ) for me that were taking a lot of time ( and in the way
that I was trying to solve then, I probably would need still much
more time). The third good action was to indicate the 'Getting
Staterd Guide'. I had look for books and FAQ and no one had give
this indication. After you indication, I started to look for it and
found it almost hided in the IBO site. I had buyed it and
downloaded. Now I have some way of look for answers before disturb
the others.
any way, I thank you very much for your help, and as I said to Helen,
I send you may congratulations for your hability in understand my
poor english!
Best Regards