Subject Re: [IBO] Slow lookups over remote connect
Author Geoff Worboys
> Regarding the application, the remote sites currently connect to
> home office via Citrix (Term Svcs), but we had considered setting up
> in each remote site a local server with the database replicating to
> each site from the home office. This way the users are connecting to
> a local database. Problem with Citrix is that if and when the WAN
> links go down (which happens occasionally), Citrix connectivity is
> obviously cut off and the remote sites cannot function, people sit
> idle, and money goes down the drain.

My largest client uses terminal server (they have not used the
Citrix Metaframe stuff yet). They have a RAS server with a couple of
modems attached as fallback for if/when the frame-relay connections
fail - not as fast but acceptable in their particular situation.
Obviously this may not be the case for everyone.

> Do you have anything to say about replication?

A lot depends on the situation. Simple one-way replication is not too
difficult if it fits the situation and IBO4 has optional components
and a sample app to support such a system. I have not tried out those
components because I have yet to find a situation where simple one-way
replication is adequate. (Part of the problem being; when you give
the client a little bit they expect everything else as well :-)

Anything beyond the simple situation rapidly degenerates into a very
complicated system - and so is best avoided where possible IMO.

> BTW, looks like you forgot the ".au" on your website link below.

Whoops - yes I did.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing