Subject Installing IBO4 Gc & BCB6 Pro
Author bhatakeyama
I tried installing Gc with BCB6 Pro and have the following problems:

* IBO40CRT_C6.bpk "Unable to find c:\...\IBO40CRT_C6.cpp"
* IBO40TRT_C6.bpk File does not exist
* IBO40VRT_C6.bpk "Cannot find resource file:
c:\...\IBO40VRT_C6.res. Recreated"
* IBO40FRT_C6.bpk File does not exist
* IBO40XRT_C6.bpk File does not exist

* IBO40CDT_C6.bpk "Unable to find c:\...\IBO40CDT_C6.cpp"
* IBO40ADT_C6.bpk "Unable to find c:\...\IBO40ADT_C6.cpp"
* IBO40TDT_C6.bpk "Unable to find c:\...\IBO40TDT_C6.cpp"
* IBO40VDT_C6.bpk "Unable to find c:\...\IBO40VDT_C6.cpp"
* IBO40FDT_C6.bpk "Unable to find c:\...\IBO40FDT_C6.cpp"
* IBO40XDT_C6.bpk (project loads OK)
* IBO40EDT_C6.bpk (project loads OK)

Are these known problems?