Subject Re: [IBO] Daniel Rail : re: Problems connecting using FB gds32.dll
Author Daniel Rail
At 07/04/2002 11:42 AM, you wrote:
>At 10:59 AM 07-04-02 -0300, you wrote:
> >Hi Helen,
> >
> >I tried what you suggested: to make some changes in IB_Session511.pas.
> >
> >This is the error that I now get:
> >
> >ISC ERROR CODE:335544721
> >
> >Unable to complete network request to host "server name".
> >Failed to establish a connection.
> >The system could not find the environment
> >option that was entered.
>Did you check the environment variables and ibconfig/isc_config on the
>server to see what the system can't find? Look at the env. variables first
>- esp. the INTERBASE entry, which supplies the path to the root directory
>of the server installation. If you have multiple *servers* on the same
>machine running simultaneously, you are going to come unstuck on this. It
>can only be valid for *one* of them, right?

I'm scratching my head here.

The server(Server No.1) only has IB 6.01 installed and running.

I copied the gds32.dll from FB from my client machine(Client
No.1) to my other client machine(Client No.2) and it is still able to
connect to Server No.1. The only difference that I have until now, is that
I installed FB on Client No.1 that can no longer connect and I
only copied gds32.dll over to Client No.2 that can still connect. And, I
only have one gds32.dll on each client machines.

Can it be possible that the environment option referenced in the error is
something misconfigured on Client No.1, so that it can't connect to Server
No.1? Any ideas? Remember, this problem only started after installation
of FB using the installation package. I just reinstalled FB and
no success.

Any help is greatly appreciated. And, I think that this is becoming more
of a topic for IB-Support.

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