Subject Re: [IBO] How can I load a query in memory?
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 07:40 AM 07-04-02 +0000, pepemallorca wrote:

> > called TkbmMemTable that is compatible with that. Kim's contact
>address is
> > kbm@o...
>Ok, I'm going to go e-mail him to ask information about it.
>I use IB_Query, I suppose it's TDataSet architecture. Isn't it?

No. TIBOQuery is TDataset architecture. TIB_Query is native IBO architecture.
> >
> > What is a "bucle"?
>Sorry, "bucle" is an spanish word. I think the translation is
>a "loop", in Delphi a structure using: for, while, repeat ...

Now I know... :)

>I tried to use:
>1) A solution using LOCATE
>2) A solution with IB_SQL calling to a 'select ... from ...
>where ...' with parameters, which returns only 1 record (o nothing).
>Really in each iteration I only want to know if exists one record in
>that query.

This is the client/server way to do it (use a TIB_Cursor for your statement
at (2)):
RowExists: boolean;
for ................
with MyCursor do begin
(* Assign the parameters *)
if EOF and BOF then
RowExists := False
RowExists := True;
if RowExists then begin
(* Do what you will with the returned row *)

>In my case my application is only for an unique user, and I have
>installed in the same machine the client and the server.
>Affects your answer in this case? (that I forgot say you) !!!

No, it doesn't help to make your client-intensive code "better" because, in
this case, the client and the server are competing for machine resources
and you are "losing" because visual resources eat a lot more than
server-side processing.

You have to understand that IB/FB is a client/server database, not a
desktop database - even if you are implementing it for a single user on a
single machine. Therefore, using techniques that were designed for Paradox
will *not* be effective on IB/FB....That is why you are observing such
painful performance.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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