Subject Re: [IBO] How can I load a query in memory?
Author pepmallorca
> >Hello:
> >
> >Is posible in IBO load a query in memory?
> The initial answer is "yes", if you are using the TDataset
> architecture. There is a freeware memory table component by Kim
Bo Madsen
> called TkbmMemTable that is compatible with that. Kim's contact
address is
> kbm@o...

Ok, I'm going to go e-mail him to ask information about it.
I use IB_Query, I suppose it's TDataSet architecture. Isn't it?

> >* I have to do a bucle (for example of 320.000 iterations).
> What is a "bucle"?

Sorry, "bucle" is an spanish word. I think the translation is
a "loop", in Delphi a structure using: for, while, repeat ...

> >Exists in IBO an alternative to 2) or 3) and load the query in
> >memory.
> This approach is entirely wrong-footed for a client/server
> application. Instead of bringing a huge dataset across to the
client and
> operating on it client side, you should keep the data on the server
> bring only the RESULTS of the search across to the client.
> Use your client app to collect parameters from the user and pass
these to a
> query that performs the operation **on the server**. LOCATE is
really a
> Paradox concept - to perform well, it presumes that the physical
> and the client are sharing the same CPU - the Desktop model. Kill
> huge datasets. Replace those LOCATEs and shift their arguments to
> criteria in WHERE clauses.

I tried to use:
1) A solution using LOCATE
2) A solution with IB_SQL calling to a 'select ... from ...
where ...' with parameters, which returns only 1 record (o nothing).
Really in each iteration I only want to know if exists one record in
that query.

The results are similars.

In my case my application is only for an unique user, and I have
installed in the same machine the client and the server.

Affects your answer in this case? (that I forgot say you) !!!