Subject transaction question
Author Rolf Bredemeier
Dear list,

we use for our applications InterBase 5.6, IBObjects and, in some older
programs, BDE.

Now i discovered a large gap between the oldest interesting transaction
and the next transaction.
At this time server statisitc reported
oldest transaction 9477
aoldest active transaction 9478
next transaction 13205 // not ok, isn't it?

How can i get some information of the oldest transaction?
Because, the InterBase server is uses by 45 clients and round 130 programs...
Of course, i take a look in the programs, but i cant find the application,
that makes the trouble. Seems all is ok...

In the night, in a batchrun, after last user logs out, i make a sweep an the gap
shrinks, it's ok then. But, during the next day, the gab occours again.

Can i get a piece of advice for this?

Best regards and many greetings, Rolf