Subject Re: [IBO] Using Stored procedures exclusively
Author Jason Wharton
This isn't to say that when queries INSIDE of the stored procedure are using
a WHERE clause that they cannot be optimized. I mean WHERE clause criteria
on a SELECT procedure itself.

Just thought I would clarify since your reaction seemed to indicate
amazement. There's nothing to be amazed about. There is no way the stored
procedure would know how to apply the WHERE clause on its output to whatever
you have done inside of it to derive the output.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Well, that's a real shame. guess we'll have to do some testing to see
> performance falls off. We typically have small apps so we may be able to
> get away with it. Is this particular optimization issue getting any
> attention from the FB group or is it too big of an issue?
> thanks!
> rob