Subject Re: [IBO] Using Stored procedures exclusively
Author Rob Schuff
Well, that's a real shame. guess we'll have to do some testing to see
performance falls off. We typically have small apps so we may be able to
get away with it. Is this particular optimization issue getting any
attention from the FB group or is it too big of an issue?



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> > re: interactive queries we'vbe been using SQL like this that works:
> > * FROM my_procedure WHERE myField=1 and it seems to work just fine. I
> have
> > not yet verified that the result set limits are applied on the server
> > sent versus applied on the client but I'm guessing its done on the
> > so I am not sure why the interactive query stuff won't work. Obviously
> its
> > something we haven't been using yet.
> This is not recommended unless the result sets are VERY small and you are
> doing minor refinements.
> The stored procedure cannot optimize query criteria in the WHERE clause of
> stored procedure.
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> Jason Wharton
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