Subject IB_SQL: Multiple rows in singleton select
Author jmartine3
Hi. I'm brand new to this group. I'm just getting started with IBO.

I just downloaded IB_SQL, because my plan is to use it as a front end
to Firebird 1.0.

I just installed FB1, and am able to connect to my database through
BDE app. I then started IB_SQL and tried to do a query against my
database. I connected via the Connection tab, which was successful.
I then went to the DSQL tab and entered the following simple query:

select * from cities

When I tried to execute it, I got the following error:

ISC ERROR CODE:335544652

multiple rows in singleton select

TIB_DSQL: "<TApplication>.frmSQL.dsqlEdit."

This is a simple 2-column table, one of which is the primary key. My
database is dialect 1 if that makes any difference.

Does anyone know what's wrong?