Subject Re: Cannot Open File Error
Author ehandbury
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)" <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 12:53 AM 03-04-02 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> > (IBO4.2Gc, Firebird 1.0-796, BCB4)
> >
> > I am still getting this error even after updating my
> >software. Right after the 'Login Dialog' I get a uninformative
> >errorbox which plainly states: Cannot Open File.
> This is an OS-level message so you need to look at filesystem files
> your application needs to access. The first clue will be whether
> succeeds. If it does, then you can eliminate the possibility that
(a) the
> client program (gds32.dll) can't be found and the database can't be

Helen, firstly, thanks for your help. The login does not succeed.

> > My app works on every PC that I have the BCB IDE loaded, and
> >is the first time I have tried to deploy my app on a IDE-less PC.
> > I can use IB_SQL and ISQL to successfully access and update my
> >file. It doesn't matter what user I use (SYSDBA or HANDBURY), the
> >message is the same. Interestingly, I tried to open the
> >file which comes with Firebird by changing the DatabaseName in the
> >IBO Login Dialog and I still get 'Cannot Open File'.
> 1 -- Check to make sure that the client machine has gds32.dll
installed in
> the system directory - and make sure it is the right version of
> gds32.dll. If you are still using the old version from RC1, you
might be
> hanging on to the old problem.

I'm using the 07-Mar-02 GDS32.DLL from the Firebird-1.0-796

> 2 -- Can you show us the connection settings (Server, Path,
> PasswordStorage, User, Password) in the IDE which work; and the
> you make to the login dialog which don't.

Server - blank
Path - c:\AGClient\AGClient.gdb
Protocol - cpLocal
PasswordStorage - blank
Password - blank

> 3 -- Do Path settings point directly to a hard drive on the local
disk or
> to a shares/mapped drive? The latter will not work.
> 4 -- Is the problem application trying to connect to a remote
server using
> a local path string or protocol setting? This won't work either.

No, server is local.

> 5 -- Does the problem client machine have an entry for the server
in its
> HOSTs file?

Everything is local, in fact, this machine does not have networking

> 6 -- At IBO level: did you start afresh with a clean install of
> before installing the IBO4.2Gc patch? If not, then your problem
might lie
> in some kind of mismatch in your code. Related, check to see that
you have
> only one set of the IBO, i.e. make sure that recompiled apps are
> using the right version of the bpls.

I think I'm OK, because this happened when I was using IBO4_Fd, as