Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot Open File Error
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 12:53 AM 03-04-02 +0000, you wrote:
> (IBO4.2Gc, Firebird 1.0-796, BCB4)
> I am still getting this error even after updating my IBO/Firebird
>software. Right after the 'Login Dialog' I get a uninformative
>errorbox which plainly states: Cannot Open File.

This is an OS-level message so you need to look at filesystem files that
your application needs to access. The first clue will be whether login
succeeds. If it does, then you can eliminate the possibility that (a) the
client program (gds32.dll) can't be found and the database can't be found.

> My app works on every PC that I have the BCB IDE loaded, and this
>is the first time I have tried to deploy my app on a IDE-less PC.
> I can use IB_SQL and ISQL to successfully access and update my GDB
>file. It doesn't matter what user I use (SYSDBA or HANDBURY), the
>message is the same. Interestingly, I tried to open the Employee.gdb
>file which comes with Firebird by changing the DatabaseName in the
>IBO Login Dialog and I still get 'Cannot Open File'.

1 -- Check to make sure that the client machine has gds32.dll installed in
the system directory - and make sure it is the right version of
gds32.dll. If you are still using the old version from RC1, you might be
hanging on to the old problem.

2 -- Can you show us the connection settings (Server, Path, Protocol,
PasswordStorage, User, Password) in the IDE which work; and the entries
you make to the login dialog which don't.

3 -- Do Path settings point directly to a hard drive on the local disk or
to a shares/mapped drive? The latter will not work.

4 -- Is the problem application trying to connect to a remote server using
a local path string or protocol setting? This won't work either.

5 -- Does the problem client machine have an entry for the server in its
HOSTs file?

6 -- At IBO level: did you start afresh with a clean install of IBO4.2G
before installing the IBO4.2Gc patch? If not, then your problem might lie
in some kind of mismatch in your code. Related, check to see that you have
only one set of the IBO, i.e. make sure that recompiled apps are actually
using the right version of the bpls.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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