Subject Re: [IBO] Modify an operation of the IB_UPDATEBAR
Author pepmallorca

Thank you Harald,

the IB_UpdateBar1.FocusedButton with ubDelete to avoid delete in some
situations works ok !!!

Another similar question:

If I wan't avoid insert duplicate records if the user go to the '+'
button of the IB_UpdateBar1, how I have to proceed to avoid for
example the duplicate primary key message?

I know exists the ubEdit, ubInsert, ubPost, but when I go to the '+'
button, the ubInsert knows the old value (a blank record)... and it's
no necessary the user go to the post button (for example if he goes
to the next record but the cursor)

The same case occurs when the user modify a record in the IB_Grid.

Someone know how can I solve it?

Thank you,