Subject DML Cache for dummies
Author Riho-Rene Ellermaa
(Sorry if this appears duplicate - previous message dissapeared into black hole)

I try to use it in simple application. It has 2 forms - each has it's own transaction and query, but share common connection from Datamodule. In one form (FProd) user can administer list of products ("select name from product"), in another (FMenu) he can make daily menus, using combobox for products selection.
FMenu form contains 2 queries - "select * from menus" and "select name from product". The latere is used to populate the combobox. If user needs some new product during menu creation, he can open FProd and enter new one.
I want FMenu form's 2. query to know if list is upgraded and repopulate the combobox.

I set FProd form's query DMLCacheFlags to Announce and FMenu 2. query DMLCacheFlags to Receive. For debugging I created OnAnnounce and OnReceive events for both queries. OnAnnounce was called but OnReceive was not :(

Is it so simple - just set DMLCacheFlags for both "select name from product" queries and they all receive change notifications?
Or are there some hidden caches? I'm using IBO4.2Fp and BCB5, which makes Survey Delphi sample hard to use.

Riho-Rene Ellermaa
senior programmer