Subject question re transactions
Author Duilio Foschi
I use D3 and IBO3.

Of IBO3, I use the following components:


Actually my application opens a TIBODatabase at start time.

The DatabaseName property of the component is 'CB4DB'.

All IBO components - after creation - have the following code line

with <IBOComponent>

The application seems to work ok now (after a massive dose of help from
Helen & Co).

The application is very rigid: the user chooses task 1 and cannot change
until task 1 is finished (show modal windows tasks that start with a
StartTransaction and end with a Commit or a Rollback).

This is cumbersome and contrary to the Windows philosophy.

I'd like to change the modal windows into non-modal windows, allowing the
user to leave task 1 and accomplish task 2 (before returning to task 1).

This is very easily done in the code, but I am worried for the collateral

This would amount to end a transaction in task 2 that was actually started
in task 1 (then try to end in task 1 a transaction that has been already
closed): a complete mess.

Is there a way to start (and of course close) more parallel transactions in
my application w/o using the IBO native TIB_Transaction and TIB_Connection
components ?

I have tested TIB_Transaction and TIB_Connection with full satisfaction,
but compatibility issues prevent me from using them...

Should I create and use several TIBODatabase components ?


Duilio Foschi