Subject tib_grid and lookup combo problem
Author John Elliott
Hello everyone,

I have a master-detail app with a data entry grid of several columns
connected to the detail query. This grid has an embedded lookup combo on the
first column. This field is required.

When I tab off the last column a new record is inserted and the lookup
appears in the first column. All is fine as far as data entry goes.

I also have a transaction bar on this form. If I click on the transaction
bar everything seems to work correctly, i.e. data is committed or rolled
back. I placed buttons on the form and linked their enabled properties to
the transaction bar. Works OK. I coded the buttons to commit or rollback.

Problem: When using button to commit I get a field required error on the
newly inserted row which does not occur if I use the transaction bar.

Using Delphi4, IBO 4.2, IB 6.0

Anyone have an idea?


John Elliott