Subject Re: [IBO] Using Domains In Foreign Keys
Author Geoff Worboys
> Quoted from DataDefinition guide for interbase page 79.
> "Note You cannot apply referential integrity constraints to a
> domain."
> Has this been resolved?

I dont believe there is anything to resolve. My understanding of this
sentence is that you cannot setup a foreign key that refers to a
domain definition - and would therefore presumably apply to all
fields that are defined using that domain. Foreign key references are
always to particular table/field(s).

To me this is logical and expected, it would never have occured to me
to try and define a foreign key constraint against a domain
definition. My databases use domains almost exclusively for all field
definitions, which mean that almost all my foreign key declarations
refer to fields that were defined via domain - I have no problems in
this regard.

If the first paragraph describes functionality that you desire then I
suggest looking at the firebird/ibphoenix websites for more
information, or post this question to the appropriate firebird
development list.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing