Subject Re: [IBO] GridLinks and DisplayWidth
Author Geoff Worboys
>> (This latter option has never been the case, changes to
>> the grid display width never impacted directly on column properties
>> and are not intended to.)

> The OH of DisplayWidth say:
> Width in pixels for this column when displayed in an IB_Grid column.

My apologies - I was wrong. When there are no GridLinks IBO will
indeed maintain the IB_Column.DisplayWidth values. Keep in mind that
such maintenance only lasts while the dataset is prepared and only
maintained on the Fields instances of the columns (and not the
BufferFields or any other instances).

> But this is only true, when no GridLinks are set. So where can I
> find the information of the width of a column, when Gridlinks are
> set ?

I see you found the GetGridLinksWidth method - part of the changes
introduced by Claudio some time ago to allow grids against the same
dataset to operate independantly.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing