Subject What am I doing wrong.
Author David Husarik
Hi Group,

I have a TIB_Query pointing to a TIB_DataSource
pointing to a TIB_EditEnh field. I am trying to set
the TIB_Query's FieldsDisplayFormat but I am only
getting a partial display of the data in the field
both at design time and run time. I put in the string
list the following SSN=000-00-0000.

The result is 111- - , 2 spaces after the first
dash and 4 spaces before the coma. The data is a
string of numeric characters representing a social
security number for display only.

I am using Delphi 4.0 with update pack 3, IB Objects
version 3.6Dj and Interbase version 6.0.2.

This is my first application where I display data to a
user and expect to receive some input from the user.

Thanks in advance,
David Husarik

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