Subject Possible bug in TIB_Edit?
Author Steve Fields
Hi all,
I don't know if i am the first or not but I believe I have
encountered a bug in TIB_Edit:

Using: IBO 4.2Ga, IB6, Windows XP Pro, Intel 850mhz, 256mg, 40gig
With: Lobbyist.gdb, TIB_Connection, TIB_Transaction,
TIB_Query, TIB_Datasource, TIB_Edit on a form
Assign: A general SELECT * FROM BEN and then
DataField := 'BEN_ID' and Source to TIB_Datasource,
TIB_Edit set to AlwaysShowButton and
ButtonStyle as ebsEllipsis

Problem: On an insert of the query, and with the TIB_Edit with
focus, a cursor does not appear until after I hit a
key and then the character/number appears and a cursor
does show up. It just seems to happen when the style is
set. And if it is True for AlwaysShow and esbNone set
for ButtonStyle, of course the button does not show but the
cursor does appear. It seems to disappear only when the field
is empty.

Steve Fields