Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot find 'Simple Replication Setup Utility'
Author rodbracher
My IBO help file ( ver 4.2 ) has no reference to tIB_RPL_Sync.
The IBO_RPL help only refers to using this replication utility.I'm
not sure where to find help on how to map the
source and target columns.

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> >Hi
> >
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> >1) I cant find the demo that is used in the IB_RPL help file.
> >What is its name - or must I download it from somwwhere ?
> Er..umm....there *is* a demo project that was circulating amongst
the beta
> team last year, but it's out-of-date (I think) - not sure how far
Jason has
> gone with bringing it into line with subsequent changes he made to
> macro language, nor where to find it now, since we have been
> stuff around three servers. But there is not much to it (as the
> level) - you could easily use any database for experiments, e.g.
the ones
> in the Delphi or Firebird samples.
> >2) I have 2 identical db's one empty and one with data. If I assign
> >the tIB_RPL_Sync.IB_ConnectionSrc with dataDB and
> >tIB_RPL_Sync.IB_Connection with emptyDB, and execute, I get no
> >results. What other properties must I assign ? ( Assuming no
> >conditions, just making the one db identical to the other ).
> It sounds as if you need to study the help file and see how to map
> source and target columns...
> cheers,
> Helen
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> Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)
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