Subject RE: [IBO] Poor South Africans
Author Don Schoeman
I think that once you know IB/FB and know the basic principles of
Client/Server databasing then you're already halfway there. So my advice is
to read the Interbase pdf's and make sure you know the basics of IB/FB
(especially if you're from a Paradox/BDE background). If in the future I am
forced to take a different path other than Delphi, IBO and IB/FB, I think I
will take up professional fishing (or some job in the export business).

Best Regards,
Don Schoeman

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Subject: [IBO] Poor South Africans

At 14:00 15-03-2002 +0000, Don wrote:
> >From a fellow (poor) South African (Pretoria).

This one in Cape Town is saving hard :>). And a bit alarmed by the
steepness of that learning curve.

Peter Lawson