Subject Re: Greetings all!
Author mmenaz
Welcome :)
I just wat to remember you that the full power of IBO/Interbase is achieved using NATIVE components. You have to do more work initially, but it's really a joy in developement later.
If price is a concern to you, take in consideration that if you help IBO developement/bug fix/support you can have a free, lifetime license from Jason. In any case, the developement time I saved using IBO native components is 100:1 ratio compared with other connectivity solutions, belive me ;) So if you charge for your work, it could be a money saving to you too. If you work for free, Jason can consider helping you with the price too, and already there is a "partial contribution" price on ibobjects site.
Marco Menardi

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> hi everyone,
> Just a short note to say that I have finally (after months of consideration)
> joined the IBO fold. Purchased the TDataset compatible module for a
> conversion of a paradox app. Must firstly say that the install (D5) was an
> absolute breeze - congrats Jason.