Subject Greetings all!
Author Campbell Fuller
hi everyone,

Just a short note to say that I have finally (after months of consideration)
joined the IBO fold. Purchased the TDataset compatible module for a
conversion of a paradox app. Must firstly say that the install (D5) was an
absolute breeze - congrats Jason.

You will no doubt be getting many messages from me during the coming months
as I convert my 550mb Paradox DB to FB. The actual data conversion initially
looked relatively easy on a sample database. However, using IBDatapump on
the actual DB resulted in my entire system (Win 2K, 256Mb ram) hanging not
once but several times! Will probably have a closer look at PDox2IB from
Helen. Any other ideas are more than welcome (Pleeeeease!!)

I personally believe I have made the right choice in selecting IBO even
though, initially, the price was a concern (I live in South Africa and
exchange rate is 11.6 to 1 !!!) I already did a test conversion of my code
last year - took me about 2 days on a fairly large system. Of course, that
was without serious testing but enough to get a full compile.

Well, thanks for reading - will no doubt need your informed opinions fairly

Campbell Fuller
South Africa