Subject SchemaCache problem
Author Tomas MichalĂ­k

I want to use "dynamic" SchemaCache in my app. I want it to work just
like it is described in IBO help.

<IBO help>

This method creates the IBO$SCHEMA_VERSION table if needed, and adds any
missing records that are required for versioning to operate correctly.
If the table IBO$SCHEMA_VERSION exists in the database and it has
records present, schema versioning is performed on the basis of values
stored in this table. Updating the version numbers in this table will
cause all clients to refresh the associated schema cache items when next
</IBO help>

Unfortunately I am not able to make it work. When I first call
CheckSchemaVersionTable, it should create the table and insert a few
records in it. However the table is not created and every attempt to
insert the record raises an exception.

A few days ago I created the table interactively, inserted necessary
records, then changed the version number and found out that nothing
changed in client's schema cache.

Is this currently supposed to be working OK ?
What do I do wrong ?

Best regards,

D5E, SP1, IBO 4.2Fn

P.S. Sample app is prepared ...


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