Subject Unique Key, Bookmark and refresh
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
I have a trigger that generates a unique primary key for my table. I set the
required property of the field to not required so that ibo does not moan
when I want to post the record. My problem is that I want to display the
value of this key to the user immediatly after creation. Refresh works fine
but it causes the cursor position to change. Bookmarking this record also
does not work because when going to the bookmark after refreshing I get the
following error: Record not found. I have also tried InvalidateBookmark but
this also does not have the desired effect.

Here is the piece of code, I have tried it in various orders to get it

How do I get the new value of the primary key without loosing the cursor
position? Would it be better to have a storedprocedure create the table
entry and return the primarykey value and then doing a refresh and locate?

Im using TIBOQuery.