Subject RE: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
Author Scott Taylor
At 06:13 AM 03/12/02, you wrote:

> > gerbreown wrote:
> >
> > > Would people behind a firewall be able to access a NNTP newsgroup? I
> > > am NOT able to access most newsgroups because of our company firewall.
> >
> > 1) the NNTP port can be opened to a specific host address, without
> > compromising security.
>In a company with 28.000 Employees and perhaps one of the largest Intratets
>out there at all except IBM, I do not think that a Sysadmin would listen if
>someone cries for NNTP. We are here to work, and we have internal forums,
>and thats all we need to be able to work

Most of us wouldn't, but I bet even IBM has an NNTP gateway that certain
people can access. With a company of 28,000 employees, I doubt you are all
in one office, but someone there must need access to information that they
can only get from a news group. News groups aren't all about porn, there
is some very valuable groups out there. I think mail-lists are taking over
from the pain of filtering news groups and will soon be just as bad, if not
worse. :(

> > 2) how about a web gateway then? I use one for an italian newsgroup and
> > I must say that it works very well.
>I hate such stuff, really......

Like, as in DejaPhew? Yuch, I totally agree there.