Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
Author Artur Anjos
My 2cts to this discussion:

1) A tool like the one tha Lester talked about is a very usefull tool when
we want to search old messages for old solutions to old problems. I like
2) Yahoo Groups have some beneficts that we can not forget: For example: a)
it's easy for a new user to find it and become part of it (we all were
'newUsers' in the past); b) Google search the groups and sometimes we get
faster answers and new users in that way.

I can live with 'Yahoo Crap'. :-)


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap

> Lester,
> > BUT - NNTP requires a network connection - what we want is
> > something that works mainly local, and updates in one hit
> > when the network connection is available. Current eMail
> > download takes 'minimum call charge' and I can read at
> > leasure.
> never heard about off-line readers? NNTP and SMTP are really the same
> thing in this matter.
> > I do monitor some of the Borland lists, but its a pain so
> > they don't get much of my attention <g>
> What is painful, precisely?
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