Subject Re: [IBO] When is KeyRelation necessary?
Author Nando Dessena

> Ah, OK, that's fine for when you only need to update/insert to/delete from
> that KeyRelation table. But, of course, if you *need* to perform DML on
> more than one of the tables, using the xxxxSQL properties is pretty cool
> for making the joined dataset updateable...
> I don't think that an xxxSQL property like
> execute procedure UpdateMe(:param1, :param2, ....)
> is really *clumsy*, if the params have the same names as the columns of the
> dataset and the KeyLinks are perfect.

The *TUpdateSQL*. That was clumsy. BTW, if the parameters names must
match the fields names, how can I discern between old values and new
values in update statements? With the BDE I have :OLD_FIELD_NAME and

WRT multi-table update, I don't think I am going to need anything the
BDE can not do, at least in the short term. My requirements now are
pretty easy to meet. :-)