Subject TIB_CtrlGrid getting the row for current panel
Author mircostange
I have posted this question before under a different subject.

This post is not about drawing, nor about handling BLOB column data.
My question relates to the TIB_CtrlGrid only.

I would like to display some custom contents in a ctrlgrid, in my
example an EMF image from a BLOB column. As I see it, the same
question would also apply if someone would like to populate some
custom control in a ctrlgrid with data from the current row.

The question is: how do I find out the row the grid displays when
some event causing redrawing/resizing/... is called? I've noticed the
onpaintpanel event, but the rownum being passed there seems wrong. I
tried with a 3 row grid and it gets called with 3-2-3.

As I see it, getting the current row of the datasource is not a
solution, because the grid may repaint without actually moving to
that particular row. (... would bufferRowNum work then..?)

Anyone has any hints?