Subject TIB_Grid EditButton/FixedDataCols
Author Boris Schlüszler
Hi there!

This is interesting.
On the former problem: my event-handler gives the looked-up data directly into
the query.
So the OnEditButtonClick-event looks something like:

procedure TGenBfForm.IB_GridBfPosEditButtonClick(Sender: TObject);
if VTSuchen(Self, nil, id) then

In a table/grid with FixedDataCols=0 the inplace editor shows up with the fresh
If I set FixedDataCols to 1, in a grid with 2 columns the inplace editor keeps
empty and grid refreshed not before the cell is left.

Any ideas?


Boris Schlüszler schrieb:

> Hello!
> In a TIB_Grid I have an EditButton linked to an edit-button-event.
> In the event-handler an ID is found.
> This ID should be set into the InplaceEditor of the grid.
> Howerver, I haven't found any access to it.
> How should this be performed.
> If I go on the query, the inplace edit keeps empty until posted and
> updated.
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