Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Events crashes server
Author Pirtea Calin
"fabiano_bonin" wrote
> I have seven RedHat 7.1 servers running FB RC2, all of them with the
> same hardware. They are installed on my customers, and i access them
> via DSL.
> My application is made with Delphi 5 and IBObjects 4.2Ga.
> Some days ago i included a TIB_Events in my datamodule and, when i
> connect to six servers everything goes ok. When i connect to the
> seventh, the FB server crashes. If i just remove the TIB_Events from
> the application, i can connect to this server, too.
> My TIB_Events is connected to a TIBODatabase.
> I'm trying to connect to all server from my own machine (Windows
> 2000, but i tryed with a machine running Windows 98 and just that
> server crashed, too).
> The error message is:
> Unable to complete network request to host "hostname"
> Failed to estabilish a secondary connection for event processing.
> Somebody knows what is happening?

Does this seventh server happen to be always the same one or it doesn't
matter wich one?

The reason for this message could be simply that your seventh server
has a firewall that only allow some ports (like 3050) to pass through.
Events are a second connection to the server through a different port.
The connection for this seccond port is made from your server toward
your client machine. If i remember corectly it is a port from 1024 to 2048
or whatever user ports redht allows.

Another reason could be that you have to many ib_events and i think every
one has its own private connection, so it could be that you take up all user
ports from win2000, but i don't think that it's the case.

Best regards,
Aplication Developer
Pirtea Calin Iancu
S.C. SoftScape S.R.L.